Customer Testimonial: Mary Carnes, Designer, Goodman's Interior Structures, Arizona

Mary recently had a bid that needed to be completed in 48 hours. Bids are extremely time-sensitive, and lost time or over-charging for design time could have lost them the job. She used Herman Miller's Z-Axis 3D Software to complete the project.

Mary shared with us an account of her experience:

“Complete an order-ready 265 station bid in less than 48 hours? Why not.”

“On day one, Melissa Jones (Phoenix Designer) and I had the entire project drawn & priced in less than 10 design hours. We configured (6) AO2 typicals into 265 stations/offices and planned training rooms, break rooms, and meeting rooms. Our total price showed that the furniture was over budget. We spent a couple hours on day two quickly value engineering the entire plan.”

“That 2nd morning (the morning of the 5pm due date), we also received final product selections and instructions to complete separate quotes for each of the 6 departments. No problem! Oh, and can we prepare a PDF highlighting each product and renderings for each area? Sure!”

“Thanks to our double checkers, Barb Garlow and Sandra Vondrak (Phoenix Designers), and our Project Manager, Greta Johnson, we finished pricing this $582k project at 4pm!”

“And THANKS to Z-AXIS, our whole project came together in less than 30 design hours (maybe faster, if we weren’t new users)! The only reason we could draw all of the stations, recognize the need to VE, and bring the price down quickly is because we used Z-Axis. While Melissa organized the specifications for double-check, I was able to complete 9 Z-Axis renderings and gather product photos.”

Thanks Mary!