Step Into Your Space.

Capture your design imagination and produce custom creations for your clients with LiveStorage 3D visualization software. LiveStorage is interactive design software for closet, garage, storage, home offices, laundry and more.

Customize, customize, customize.

LiveStorage™ puts you in the driver's seat. Draw your own walls, and insert windows and doors. Move, stretch, and configure items to achieve a unique design. Tailor the environment with custom wall colors, floor finishes, and backgrounds. Create a design reflecting your client's specific room requirements whether it's an existing room, a new add-on, or from a plan.

Work faster, sell more.

Our intuitive software was developed with the salesperson, designer, and builder in mind. Intuitive features help eliminate errors and common roadblocks, letting you focus on the design. An automated parts list is dynamically generated as you draw, giving you an accurate idea of the specifications needed to build or order materials.

Designs jump off the screen.

LiveStorage™ has the industry's most robust rendering tool available. Choose from a variety of quality settings and pixel sizes to render quick reference pictures or full-scale, high-resolution images for presentations and sales meetings.

LiveStorage™ leads you effortlessly from concept to completion for all of your projects.

Customers experience their space with compelling photorealistic 3D visuals. Wood grain, laminates, drawer pulls, glass, and more are rendered with immense clarity, realistic lighting and subtle shadows.

Down to the last detail.

Photorealistic 3D renderings take your customer into each and every detail of their space. Handles, wire baskets, hanging rods, shelving support, glass, and more are rendered with such crisp detail you could reach out and touch them. Subtle shadows and realistic scene lighting make your designs come to life.

LiveStorage™ features a variety of props including men's and ladies shoes, shirts, slacks, handbags, and dresses to give your designs the scale, proportion, and added realism your customers will identify with. For even more realism, include stacks of folded sweaters and t-shirts. All of the props in LiveStorage come in a variety of color choices to spice up your closet designs.

Interact with clients.

Your design conversation comes to life before your clients' eyes with stunning 3D visuals and realistic textures.

Have fun collaborating with your clients in real-time as you perfect the design. Impress them with a clean, clear vision of their space with the click of a button. Generate dynamic and colorful leave behinds directly from the software.

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